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So you know the power of styling, you have the right agent and are ready to dive into the process of putting your property on the market but chicing the costs keep building up and you don't want to part with anymore cash than you have to while selling. We get it, you are not along and we've got to covered! 

Here at Simple Styling Solutions, we work with an amazing company => STYLE FLOW


They basically bridge the gap from styling to sale and you pay them upon settlement so can breath a little deeper during an already stressful period. 


Style Flow empowers you with peace of mind by removing the financial barriers associated with staging and styling costs in preparation for sale. Style Flow helps eliminate these frustrating friction points when it comes to discussing design proposals and instead, place more focus on the sale outcome.


We as a styling business can focus on what we love, helping you look it very best. You get to reep the benefits of a highly optimized listing and stand out in the current market to get the best out of your sale and only pay when you get paid! 


It's a no brainer and a win- win situation. Don't wait any longer to maximise your property’s sale price with Simple Styling Solutions styling expertise.

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