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As a staging company, we move A LOT of furnitre on a daily basis, things get knocked, marked and damaged. 


But as proffesionals we have a few key hacks up our sleve to keep things fresh and last longer! 


Here are our confessions and touch up tricks you'll want to use at home too


Number one, we never leave the warehouse without and is always in stock in our cleaning caddies, The magic sponge! 

Incredible invention and such a life line when it comes to marks on walls, scuffed picture frames and scraped objects. A must have for every household, especially with kids!




No matter how careful we are, how clean and tidy we proceed or how many places we keep white gloves on hand, textiles get dirty and there is nothing more satisfiying then pulled out The bissel, our favourite weapon. Seeing the dirt be sucked out of a velvet white sofa brings a smile to everybodys face. 

It's a little bit of effort, but one you won't regret and be sure to get hooked on quickly.



Finally, the trick no one will ever know - tice!

Black and White sharpies! Yes, that's right, we always have a black and white sharpie on hand. A dintted chair, chip out of the side table or peeled frame, SHARPIE IT! 



We hope you've enjoyed our go to touch up tricks, shoot us a DM if you have any questions about styling your home and we'll be happy to help or write a blog post about it!


Your Simple Styling Solutions Team





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