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Touch up tricks you want to know!

As a staging company, we move A LOT of furnitre on a daily basis, things get knocked, marked and damaged.  But as proffesionals we have a few key hacks up our sleve to keep things fresh and last longer!  Here are our confessions and touch up tricks you'll want to use at home too

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Style now, Pay later

So you know the power of styling, you have the right agent and are ready to dive into the process of putting your property on the market but chicing the costs keep building up and you don't want to part with anymore cash than you have to while selling. We get it, you are not along and we've got to covered!

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What are SSS different types of property styling services?

Are you looking to increase the value of your home? Property styling is one of the best ways to do so. It involves transforming a home into an attractive and functional space that will entice potential buyers. At Simple Styling Solutions we are here to help you achieve the best possible result when selling your property.

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SLS w SSS - Rug Edition

The essential rug shop Rugs instantly add colour, texture and pattern to a room and create visual interest that reflects your style and personality. They are considered as practical, functional art for your floor that helps define the mood or character of a room. Rugs also helps define a space, soak up sound, add warmth, and brighten an area...

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SLS w SSS - Books Edition

Books are such a foundational element of styling almost any space, whether it be a book shelf, a coffee table, a desk, or even in a kitchen. They add personality to a room and show off your interest and taste.

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