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Tips on how to style outdoor spaces

There’s nothing better for your mind and body to get outdoors and yet when it comes to styling it often get over looked. Here on the coast we are well known for great climates for outdoor living and entertaining so as stylists we ensure this is an area we really encourage owners to showcase.

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How to choose the right stylist for your home

Today, most properties for sale are styled to some degree... Investing in a good property stylist can yield 10 times the return on your investment, but how do you fin

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Our top styling tips

When it comes to styling there are no set rules. Styling is a labour of love, a way to showcase your personality, your treasures and ultimately create a space that is special to you and evokes joy. Now, we know that we just said that there are no rules, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a few top tips to ensure you get it right...

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Busting styling myths

Homes professionally styled for sale typically attract higher sale prices. From 2.5% to some agents stating even higher, up to 15%. This will cover the cost of a property styling service. Your contract is generally 6 weeks of hiring furniture and decorator items, the specialist styling to make your property look its best, and removing everything when it’s done. You can’t afford not to do this when you’re selling your home.

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Our plant guide for each room

A little bit of greenery is one of the easiest ways to update your space without spending on décor or furniture. However, not all plants are created the same and some won’t thrive in just any space. Certain houseplants have different needs when it comes to sun and humidity. Here is our room by room plant guide to make your plant shopping a little bit easier.

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